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Sherlock Holmes Inn

415 Collins Street, Melbourne
Tel. 9629 1146

Venue type: Pub

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Venuestar Review

If the Charles Dickens Tavern up the road would market itself as soccer and backpacker friendly, then the Sherlock Holmes is the exact opposite: it's classier, quiet, and all about having a good pint.

It's about twenty years old, features classic low ceilings (very English pub, we do say) and does big on the traditional idea of having a knees-up. A selection of ale and bitter is on hand along with a huge range of tap beer while food is served for both lunch and dinner.

The bar staff generally like a natter, and there are plenty of tales on hand. Like the time the guv left an indentation in bench, he was so heavy .. ahh but that's another story.

The venue tends to be open Monday-Saturdays.

Simon Woodhouse


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